A lightweight, affordable, company communication app that makes it easy to communicate important info to employees and engage them in your company culture.

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Nobody Reads Employee Newsletters

Leverage Our Mobile App to Keep Your Company In Sync

Are you sick of sending out company bulletins or newsletters only for them to be ignored? Do you struggle to keep your employees informed on the important changes going on at your company? Do you want to save time referring people to company policies and employee documents?

We created ARC Intercom to solve these problems.

"Our staff are constantly coming and going and don't always check their email. ARC Intercom is how we keep everyone in the loop!"

Communicate Effectively With Your Team​

Push Notifications

Communicate with employees via push notifications, news postings, and listings.

Real Time News

Keep employees engaged and informed with an active, real time news feed.

Facility Management

Book meeting rooms, promote your facilities, amenities or local businesses.


Centralize your payments for employee products, event tickets, or anything else you need.

iOS & Android

Company Branded Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Report Incidents

Employees can report incidents, or make suggestions for news or alerts.

Event System

Create events for your employees or the public. Limit tickets, manage attendees, process payment via Stripe or PayPal.

Employee Directories

Make it easy to find important contact information for each employee.

"Thank you for your generosity and the outstanding work on Glastonbury's community league mobile app! Everyone we worked with had such a great attitude and expertise."
Glastonbury Community League

Communicate Faster

Push Notifications, Direct To Employee

Employees are spending less and less time at the office and are no longer tied to a company workstation. ARC Intercom allows you to keep up company communication wherever they may be. Companies use the app to manage:

  • Company Wide Alerts
  • Social and Client Events
  • Booking Shared Spaces (like meeting rooms)
  • And more!

ARC Intercom Solves These Problems:

  • Employees Not Being Informed
  • Managing Company Events
  • Mobile Company Contact Directory Access
  • Reminders for Important Company-wide tasks
  • Distributing Important Company Files & Policies

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